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Kai's 'lectronic home

Here's where my wordwise soul lives world-wide-wise. My body lives incognito in Berlin.

Bookblitz.de is my main domain. I once had dreams of starting an express online book store... :-)

Nowadays I write a little for leisure. I.a., there's

Should you feel moved by any of these texts, feel free to note down anything appropriate in the guestbook. Merci!

I blog, tweet and am a deviant artist, all occasionally. In my twenties, I authored a technical book.

For the last 2 decades or so, I've been an off-and-on member of the WELL. I love board games.

For business I do UNIX-based computing; I look a little like Dennis Ritchie if you shorten the beard & add glasses. (He's the one on the right...) Politically, I'm at a loss to say where I stand - although I hate extremism of any kind.

I tend to be intolerant of intolerance to foreigners, since I grew up in Africa, being one.