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Posted on September 08, 2015, at 07:55 PM by Regina

Some flights are truly inspiring! Thanxs. Hope u got home ok.

Posted on April 06, 2014, at 07:26 PM by Elisabeth

I like your review of "The old Man and the Sea". Brought back memories. Thank you. Und danke auch für die antwort auf meinen eintrag vom oktober: leider hast du recht. e.

Posted on November 09, 2013, at 03:35 PM by Kai

Hey, me too, in my own guestbook - replying to a German entry in German: * Christliche Frauen konnten vor noch nicht mal 100 Jahren im Westen nicht wählen. * Hindi Frauen wurden seit Jahrhunderten oft gezwungen Sati zu begehen; erst vor wenigen Jahren gab es die letzte Witwenverbrennung. * Muslimische Mädchen gehen in Karatschi in eine eigene Frauenuni, wo auch Ingenieurswissenschaften unterrichtet werden. (Selber gesehen.) Fazit: Irrespektive der Religion ist die Lage der Frauen weltweit diffizil, und noch immer weitverbreitete Unterdrückung jeglicher Art zu verachten.

Posted on October 31, 2013, at 10:16 PM by Elisabeth Morack

Ich versteh dieses "captcha" nicht! Zu "Isa" - übrigens der türkische name von Jesus - nur soviel: so kühn die hypothese ist, so unwahrscheinlich ist die "frau mit dem eisernen willen" zu Jesu zeit: ich habe heute noch mit entsetzen zusehen müssen, wie muslimischen mädchen jede initiative, ja selbst das fragen abgewöhnt wird (um ein neutrales verb zu gebrauchen).

Posted on August 07, 2012, at 02:10 PM by Sabine

Hello Kai, just read your review of Gatsby.

It's been a long time since I read the book in German. Years later I saw the film and despite liking the Reford's work of that time, was disappointed. As far as I remember, there is the melancholy, almost a deathwish mood of that first "lost Generation" after WWI in that book, but too little in the film. Yes, Daisy is hollow - all the values, which justified her lifestyle before, have faded away after the war, what remains, is an idle life. While writing this, the thought occurs: rather a problem of modern life in developed countries, isn't it? Society changing, an era ending, a search for meaning beginning - roots for the various upheavals in the 20th century to be found here? When Fitzgerrald wrote Gatsby, the revolution in Russia only had started seven years ago, and it's the time my parents were born, grandparents shared the opinions and Weltanschauung feudaler power and societies. It's all so close - my Grandma had servants - and yet all over. Would like to reread the book, many thanx for the DVD, again! Hugs, s.

Posted on January 24, 2011, at 07:09 PM by Jan Bosse
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Here you will find the mind of Kai :)

Posted on January 16, 2011, at 02:11 PM by Empfindungspirat

At last! A place for us /KB-followers to collect all those written pieces that've been scattered across de whole wide Interwebs!